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Innovation Strategy (AEM 437)

Prof. Aija Leiponen

Applied Economics and Management

This course for juniors and seniors explores firm strategies related to innovation and technological change. We focus on how the success of technological innovations—new products, processes, and services—depends on the firm’s business model. Other key topics include intellectual property rights and the management of technological uncertainty through organizational arrangements such as corporate venturing, spinoffs, and alliances.

Technological change is a fundamental driver of economic development and performance, not only at the level of firms and industries but also economies. Innovation is the organizational process through which new
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Technology and development. (Jan 24)

• Readings: Schilling Ch 1: Introduction

• Video: Great Inventions

3. Institutions and incentives: Systems of Innovation (Jan 29)

• Schilling Ch 2: Sources of innovation

• Porter and Stern: Location Matters, Sloan Management Review, 2001 (on line)

• Farhoomand: National Innovation Systems of China and the Asian Newly Industrialized Economies: A Comparative Analysis. Asia Case Research Centre, University of Hong Kong, HKU392. Handed out in class.


4. Creativity (Jan 31, Feb 5)

• Video: Deep dive/IDEO Inc (Jan 31)

• Creativity exercise in TEAMS (Jan 31)

• Schilling Ch 12 (Jan 31)

• E-clips: Howard Morgan (IdeaLab), Jaime Jorasch (Walker Digital)

• Amabile: How to Kill Creativity? Harvard Business Review 1998 (course packet; writeup 1. For Feb 5)

• Assignment 1 DL: The greatest technological challenge of our time (DL: Jan 31)

5. University startup process (Feb 7)

• Audia & Rider: A Garage and an Idea: What More Does an Entrepreneur Need? California Management Review 2005 (online)

• Scott Shane: Academic Entrepreneurship – University Spinoffs and Wealth Creation, Edward Elgar, Cheltenham, UK, 2004. Ch 10 (course packet).

• Case 1: A123Systems, HBS case 9-606-114 (course

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