Band Aids Research Paper

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"With sunglasses, a hat, and half a pack of Band-Aids, Roger could pass as a human." (Higgins).
Band-Aids have a huge impact on the world today. They are used to cover the cuts or scrapes. Most people don’t realize that if they do not use it to cover a cut, the cut might get infected which could lead to diseases. Band-aids are life savers, also they are small sized, which makes it easy for us to take it everywhere.

Earle Dickson invented band aids for his wife, who worked in the kitchen most of the time. She usually got hurt while using the knife or cooking. Earle Dickson was born on 10 Oct 1892 at Grandview, Tennessee. He was the son of the physician, Richard Ensign Dickson and Mary Augusta Hester. He attended Yale University
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