Band Music : Rock And Roll Music

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Rock and Rolls Music
The United States is the origin of rock and roll music. It evolved as a popular music in the 1940’s and 1950’s from a combination of Afro-American genres such as jazz, blues, country music, gospel music. Rock and roll music has some elements that are evident in blues and country music of 1920’s. However, Rock music attained its status and name in 1950’s. Saxophone and Piano were the first instruments to be used in the performance of rock and roll music but were later supplemented by the guitar in the late 1950’s (Marvin and Hermann, p56). The music is comprised of blues rhythm and backbeats as well as background snare drum sounds. On several occasions, rock and roll is played using two electric guitars whereby one guitar provides the lead while the second one provides the rhythm. Rock and roll music genre has greatly influenced attitudes, language and the fashion of people who identify with it. For instance, it has influenced the civil rights struggle movements because it was widely enjoyed by African and White American teens. The music has evolved over time and is currently referred to as the rock music. The phrase “rock and roll” was derived from the movement of a ship in the ocean which is described as the “rocking and rolling”. The term was used in the early 20th century to describe spiritual rituals performed in churches by African Americans. Rock and roll were also used as a sexual analogy. The phrase rock and roll was frequently used in blues and…

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