Band Reflective Essay

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Two hundred individuals stand at attention, each more determined than next to ignore the drop of sweat rolling down their back, or the itch that seems to only appear during these crucial moments. “Band ten-hut!” a voice echoes from afar. “Right slide sixteen, back eight,” and so on. These are basic marching band directives. The commands are simple until you pair them with having to roll your feet, keep your upper body steady and take even steps. To maintain each of these elements simultaneously is often a daunting task, though practice and the support from my peers helped me improve each of my performances on the field.

From an analytical perspective, speech and language have similarly demanding fundamentals. Phonemes, morphemes, sentence
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I was encouraged to be observant, patient, willing to try new solutions, and to be passionate in everything I do, regardless of how difficult the task. Plentiful hours of practice taught me that communication and ability to ask for and give help is key to both individual growth and shared success, which provoked me to become involved in my community through volunteering. My time with programs such as Jumpstart and Born to Read has shown me the importance of balancing teamwork and leadership to achieve a common goal, as well as the significance of using practical methods to encourage children to actively exercise language and literacy…show more content…
As a Biology major I learned a great deal from trial and error. As an English major I learned to approach each analysis with a fresh perspective. Finally, I discovered Speech-language pathology, which offered me the opportunity to combine both fields in a way I loved and knew I could excel in; though it would require me to take a pre-requisite course and its subsequent class simultaneously to complete the program. Despite being cautioned that I may struggle without the basics of the course, I enrolled in both Basic Hearing Science and Principles of Audiology, and it became a personal challenge to succeed against doubt. Though it was easy to be overwhelmed by the amount of information provided in such a short time, I learned to better organize through studying and immediately translating theory and technique into its practical
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