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IN250 - WORLD WAR II - Dr. BRIAN MULLGARDT Critique of “Band of Brothers” Band of Brothers is a book written by Stephen E. Ambrose in 1992. This book follows the Easy Company, 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment, 101st Airborne Division, through World War II. Ambrose wrote this book with interviews from veterans and the research he completed on his own. During three years (July 1942 - July1945) from their training in England to the end of World War II, Ambrose tells us the unbelievable story of the Band of Brothers. Besides of this book, Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks produced in 2001 for HBO a ten part mini series based on Ambrose’s book. This mini series is the most expensive of his kind ($125 million of budget). Band of…show more content…
Indeed, the first scene is in England couple of days before D-Day whereas in the book Ambrose gives us a full description of the Easy Company’s training during two years (1). In the two first chapter of his book, through the interviews he collected, Ambrose tells us the story in Camp Toccoa. During this two chapters Ambrose succeed giving us the basis of the relationship between the soldiers things Spielberg struggled. In the episode nine (Why we fight) Spielberg completely change the script of Ambrose’s book. American television and Hollywood films in various ways have frequently pushed by Jewish interests (Steven Spielberg is Jew). He might give an homage to the people who died just because they were Jew. The episode opens with a scene of devastation in the German town of Thalem, on April 11, 1945. There is rubble in the streets and townspeople are cleaning up. A group of relaxed soldiers looks on from a balcony. An impromptu chamber orchestra of old men is playing a Beethoven dirge. The company is still under orders, though the men are beginning to think about life back in the States. The company moves out in convoy. A Jewish soldier, the only Jewish soldier in the series and in the book, talks about his plans for after the war. “I’m going to find a nice Jewish girl.”(2). A patrol in a forest near Landsberg in Bavaria discovers a concentration camp full of starving prisoners. The 101st did in

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