Bandon Group, Integrated case study Essay

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Integrated Case Study: Bandon Group, Inc. (Determining Feasibility of an ERP System and Supplier Recommendation and Evaluation) Submitted to: Professor Stephen Huber Enterprise Resource Planning (CIS511) Strayer University, Takoma Park Campus August, 2014 This paper is the continuation of Bandon Group Inc. integrated case study. This part of the case study mines feasibility of an ERP system at Bandon Group and evaluate alternative ERP and CRM packages for Bandon Group and make recommendations for a solution which will meet their needs. Step 8: Determining the feasibility of an ERP system From the description of the executive managers of the divisions, it is pretty clear that Bandon Group has…show more content…
Adding to their notes, they said that CRM offers customization, simplicity, and convenience for completing transactions, regardless of the channel used for interaction. Sumner (2005) share their idea. The main characteristics he distinguished CRM facilitates customer contact and call list management, It maintains information on customer contacts in a database and forecast customer’s needs, It organizes marketing campaigns, Enables queries to a product marketing database, Delivers on-line systems that enables customers to configure products on-line, Handles customers’ services. It my recommendation to Bandon Group to implement EPR firs and CRM follows because ERP provides CRM software. Conceptually, ERP covers all the basic business process but CRM systems focus specifically on processes at the customer interface (Schubert, 2010). The current situation at Bandon Group is not limited to customer relationship or the problem of Bandon Group is not limited to lack of sales and marketing data, the billing system, web enabled support system, better invoice or the integration of the software but the company and its process need overall business restructure and re-engineering because that is all about ERP. Step 9: Determining ERP/CRM design issues Business processing workloads are among the most demanding workloads in the enterprise.
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