Bandura Learning Theory

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In Bandura’s learning theory, one can learn based off of many factors: Personal, environmental, or behavioral. A personal factors that affects Logan is his gender. Being a boy in his school, he is able to get along with guys, but also talks to girls. Environmental factors affecting Logan are his Catholic religious beliefs and his participation in special olympics bowling. Behavioral factors affecting Logan are the games he chooses to play such as Minecraft. Putting all of these factors together can have an effect of each other. Logan is an enactive learner. He understands new concepts by directly experiencing them instead of just listening to someone telling him what to do. For example, in Logan’s science class, his teacher was talking about the different parts of a fish and where they are located. Logan did not comprehend…show more content…
She is a senior at Melrose Area High School. She is popular in school and holds the school's basketball record for getting the most points in her career. Logan started getting to know Emily when he started the sixth grade. Emily is a teacher’s assistant for Logan’s special education class. Emily got to work one on one with Logan helping him with his school work. Emily grew very fond of Logan, so she started to invite him to go out to eat or the movies just to give him a friend. She also started going over to his house to give him the extra help he needed to get his homework done properly. After helping him with his homework, Emily would go with Logan to the gym to practice basketball for his special olympics games. This was very important to Logan, because he knew that Emily was the best girl basketball player in the school. Then in Logan’s seventh grade year, Emily won homecoming. Logan was so proud of her and is striving to become homecoming king his senior year. The positivity that Emily brought into Logan’s life gives Logan a structure to mold his life
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