Bandura Social Learning Theory

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According to Albert Bandura, observational learning is a learning process of identifying a model and reproducing their behaviour. Reproduction of the observed behaviour can result on the basis of whether the behaviour of the model carries with it positive or negative consequences. This can also be referred to as vicarious reinforcement or vicarious punishment of the model’s behaviour. An observer will more likely reproduce the actions of a model whose characteristics they find attractive or desirable. An observer can acquire a behaviour while not performing it, preferring to utilize the learnt behaviour at an appropriate time. Observational learning can be processed as modelling particular patterns of behaviours and learning emotional…show more content…
Decker, (1984) noted symbolic coding is the process by which individuals organize and reduce the diverse elements of a modelled performance into a pattern of verbal symbols to guide later performance. What this does is enhance behaviour modelling and training. An example of mental images would be holding and processing imaginal mental representations of something that would have been previously seen. Cognitive organisation is the process of mixing old information with new information to represent newer information. Motor rehearsal would be to carry out any observation that has been retained in memory. Therefore, to retrieve and enact behaviour that has been observed the information must be stored where it can be recalled. Thus the retention process involves memory. To recall the visual information that has been observed the sensory memory and short term memory as well as the long term memory plays a part. Memory is the process by which knowledge is encoded, stored, and later retrieved. Ormrod, (2004) noted that memory is used to refer to a particular “location” where learned information is kept and also stated that rehearsal provided a means of maintaining information in working memory indefinitely. Reproduction According to Bandura, the reproduction process determines the extent to which has been learnt is translated into
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