Bandura 's Social Learning Theory Essay

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Introduction I chose the Bandura’s Social Learning Theory Scavenger Hunt, because social learning theory is widely used in daily life and vary easily to be found around us. Bandura’s Social learning theory is an extension of behaviorism that emphasizes the influence that other people have over a person’s behavior (Berger, 2014, p. 28). To apply this theory, I observe people and environment around me for three days and try to find the relationships of people’s behaviors. I observed classmates’ activities during the class. When I went to my friend’s house, I also played with her daughter and found some examples. Course Concepts Application Concept 1 During the microbiology class, we needed to make some media for our experiments. No one had done this procedure before. The professor showed us a YouTube video. In that video, there was a woman making media. She calculated how much powder she would use, and then weighted by balance. Then she added the powder to the flask and added 250mL distilled water. Finally, she mixed the solution with magnetic stirrer. The process of our observations of her behavior is modeling. Modeling is observing the behavior performed by others (S. Anderson, personal communication, September 14, 2016). We had never experienced the process before. In order to learn this behavior, we first modeled it. We have information of how to do it. Concept 2 Attention is a significant step of the cognitive process. Attention determine what is selectively
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