Bandura 's Social Learning Theory

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Some of the things we overlook at times are the things that make the most sense in the world. Something like the social learning theory was overlooked. But it has provided such great insight as to why we do certainly in our lives. Bandura’s theory has paved the way to many studies and has open our minds to the possibility that we affect each other in a way we would not imagine. I believe that this theory can shape a lot of people 's lives. I agree with Albert Bandura’s social learning theory by modeling and in this paper, I will present an argument that outlines the reasons why. I like Bandura’s social learning theory. The social learning theory states that “ learned of other people...people who deviate from cultural norms have learned their behavior in the same way.”(Schultz & Schultz, 2009, p.403-404). This theory can bring a lot of awareness to the families who feel that their action or behaviors won 't have any effect on the child. This theory also holds a lot of substance. My cousin who is five years old is cursing and that is because of his father who has no filter especially with the kids. He believes that they are too young and they won 't understand what he is telling them but in actuality, my cousin is modeling his behavior. I feel if this theory is well-known parents and another role model will understand how much power they have over people. I agree with the social learning theory because I find that it holds some truth to it. “we may
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