Bangalore Airport Road : Assessment Tasks

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BBAC602 Business Cooperate Finance Bangalore Airport Road
Assessment tasks:


1. In the context of this project discuss the difference between:
• The “Funding” mechanism of this project
• The “Financing” mechanism of this project
(5 Marks)
• Develop a detailed NPV model in excel showing Cash Inflows, Cash Outflows and NPV of the project. What is the amount that you either expect to receive or are willing to pay the State Government to win this concession. (5 Marks)
• Provide your arguments. (5 Marks)
• Based on the information provided in the case study, you are required to make a recommendation on the following:
a) The key risks in this project from the perspective of APM, in particular:
• Interest Rate Risks
• Foreign Exchange and Commodity Price Risks
• Translation Risks
(5 Marks)
b) Innovative means of debt financing of the project, a rough debt maturity profile.
Discuss the merits and limitations of each form of financing proposed. In particular from: • Specialist Infrastructure Lending Institutions
• Domestic and International Banks
(5 Marks)

Introduction :

This case is related to the infrastructure of Banglor Airport Road. Given case study here that has got several
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