Bangladesh : A Industrial Country, Rich And Natural Resources

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Bangladesh is a reveredagro-industrial country, rich in human and natural resources. Fishery, the most practiced, is performed in both fresh and brackish water in coastal areas. Currently, the fresh water areas, the overall ecology of fish habitats and migratory routes are disappearing due to human activities. It is therefore difficult to meet the protein requirement of the population from the freshwater sub-sector alone. Notwithstanding, priority is still given to the freshwater for fishery despite the fact that marine and brackish water fisherysub-sectors constitute greater proportion of foreign exchange earnings and development budget. This is reflected in the number of fishery development projects that have been implemented since liberation. If equal attention is paid to management and development of the marine and brackish water sectors, it would be possible to attain increased production. In the past,shrimp was much cheaper than fish and was considered unattractivelocally. In the early seventies, Bangladesh entered the world export market for shrimp. Since then, shrimp has become expensive. Farmers earned much from shrimp farming by meeting up with the demand of the market.Today, diseases caused by biological and non-biological agents are becoming prominent in the aquaculture industry.Despite the bonus, shrimp farming in Bangladesh is affected with a wide range of microbial disease problems with no effective treatments due to poor production, leading to great economic

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