Bangladesh Capital Market Problems & Prospects

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Bangladesh Capital Market Problems & Prospects

University of Dhaka Department of Finance
A Report on Bangladesh Capital Market Problems & Prospects

Course name: Financial Markets and Institutions
Course code: F-304

Prepared For:

Dr. A. A. Mahboob Uddin Chowdhury, Ph.D
Professor & Chairman
Department of Finance
University of Dhaka

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Group No. 7 SL NO: | NAME | ID NO: | 01 | Md. Azhar Hossain | 16-053 | 02 | Md.Omar Faruk Bhuiyan | 16-085 | 03 | Mohammad Asrarul Haque | 16-111 | 04 | Sayma Sadia | 16-113 | 05 | Md. Mofijur Rahman | 16-133 | 06 | Fahmida Hoque | 16-145 |

Date of Submission: 08-04-2012

Letter of Transmission

April 08, 2012
Dr. A. A. Mahboob Uddin
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The problems of our stock market are given priority in our report. We tried to mention possible way outs to overcome the crisis. The reader will find the basic understanding about a stock market fist, then about the stock markets and the regulatory bodies, then some of the problems and potentials in the later part of the report. This report is the outcome of our knowledge about the financial markets and institutions what we have got in your course, and the hard work of our group members given this reports completeness. Capital market works like an engine that runs the economy of our country. It is the most lucrative investment opportunity for millions of investors. The capital gain from secondary market makes it more attractive to the potential investors. We hope that our report meet the need of understanding the present condition and taking steps necessary to overcome the market collapse.


Capital Market Concepts

Capital Market Concepts

Stocks are the smallest part of ownership of a corporation. It represents partial ownership. For example you have a shop worth of Tk.10000. Now if you divide the ownership of the shop in 100 parts then every part will be worth of 100tk. Now each of the part is called a share/stock. Now if you buy 10 Part/share, from that 100 part then you are partially an owner of the shop/firm/company.

Stock exchange:
An organized and somewhat regulated secondary market, where trading in
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