Bangladesh Is On The Right Track

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Faris Azhan Roslizan
Dr. Rachel Osgood
Human Systems – Section H
October 16, 2015
Bangladesh is on The Right Track Bangladesh, the eight most populated country in the world has been plagued by poverty for a long time. In the year 2000, the United Nations created the Millennium Development Goals, the purpose was to decrease extreme poverty by 2015. Thus, when Goal 1; eradicating extreme poverty and hunger was included in the project, Bangladesh was targeted as the country is overpopulated and has a high rate of unemployment. A considerable number of Bangladeshi chose to migrate to other Asian countries in hopes of better life. Bangladesh has made commendable progress in achieving the MDGs, especially in alleviating poverty. The first MDG of eradicating extreme poverty and hunger is possible for Bangladesh to achieve due to efficient government programs, assistance from NGOs, and the positive impact of migration. Understanding the factors that causes Bangladesh to be a poor country is vital. The main cause is overpopulation. Bangladesh is considered a small country when compared to it 's population of more than 150 million people. Therefore, the resources cannot be distributed equally. Bangladesh is also a country that is prone to natural disasters such as floods. Many of the rural poor live in areas that are exposed to extreme annual flooding which will lead to devastating damage to their crops, homes and livelihoods. The victims often resort to moneylenders, which doesn
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