Bangles Game Analysis

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So I finally got to the Bangles game. The problem was to find my teammates from the Spartans.They kicked the ball to the other team.Then the through the ball to Cobb.They scored a touchdown and they kicked the ball to the Bangles but they got tackled. They threw the ball to A.J Green and scored a touchdown.They did a onside kick and got the ball back. They handed the ball to Jeremy Hill and got a touchdown. The score right now is Bangles 21 Green Bay 35The Bangles finally got the ball back but it just got to half time. My family and I went to get snacks. 5 minutes later the game started back up.The second half started with the ball on the 30 yard line. They threw the ball to A.J Green scored a touchdown and tied the score 35 to 35.There were
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