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Bangor Family Physicians Case Study Executive Summary & Stakeholders Bangor Family Physicians is a partner based medical group practice located in Maine. The practice consists of four family practice physicians, and a medical support staff. The medical support staff is made up of a practice manager, two receptionists, four nurses, two medical assistants, two billing clerks, and a laboratory technician. Additionally, Bangor Family Physicians employs a CPA to assist with taxes and financial advising. The key stakeholders are the four family physician partners, in which each physician holds an equal stake in the practice. Bangor Family Physicians Reimbursement There are two determinants to reimbursement for Bangor Family…show more content…
Compensation Systems Compensation systems can take on many forms, all of which have positives and negatives related to it. However, certain components are noted to be determinants of solid compensation plans. One agreement of a solid compensation system is the use of incentives. “Clearly a successful companies set objectives that will provide incentives to increase profitability” (Needles & Powers, 2011). Incentive bonuses should be measures that the company finds important to long-term growth. According to Needles & Powers (2011) the most successful companies long term focused on profitability measures. For large for-profit firms, compensation programs should offer stock options. The interweaving between the market value of a company’s stock and company’s performance both motivate and increase compensation to employees As the market value of the stock goes up, the difference between the option price and the market price grows, which increases the amount of compensation” (Needles & Powers, 2011). Conclusively, a compensation plan should serve all stakeholders, be simple, group employees properly, reflect company culture and values, and be flexible (Davis & Hardy, 1999; The Basics of a Compensation Program). Four compensation models are laid out by the Bangor Family Physician case study. These models include: (1) revenue model; (2) net income model; (3) base salary plus

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