Bangsamoro and the Moro Problem

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Bangsa moro is a fusion of the word bangsa, meaning nation or people in Malay, and moro or moor which is a Spanish term for Arabs or Muslims. The Bangsa moro is the general name referring to the 13 ethnolinguistic Muslim tribes in the Philippines which comprise a quarter of the total population in Mindanao with an approximate population of 4.5 million Muslims (East, 1005). Their ways of life may differ from each other as well as the dialects they speak but it is their religion Islam that serves as a strong unifying factor that binds them together as a strong nation, a nation entirely different to the Philippine government, so they claim. For centuries, the Muslims have been engaging in wars against different colonizers to maintain their…show more content…
Buendia, focuses on the concept of the right to self determination as applied to the case of the of the Bangsa Moro. It argued that by nature the state protects its territory and it is very unlikely that the state will grant credence to the right to self determination or simply speaking autonomy. Territory is an element of the state that is rarely given. As seen from the lessons of history, a state seeks to protect the least and expand the most and never to give away territory. Sustainable peace In his journal article “Options of the Pursuit of Just, Comprehensive and Stable Peace in the Southern Philippines”, Nathan Quimpo discussed various strategies in conflict resolution such as power based resolution which he showed inadequate, rights based resolution which is based on laws and rights to determine who is right, which proved to be inadequate because only one side is given priority, and finally interest based approach in which according to the author is the most effective not only in cost but also most effective in resolving conflict because all interests and concerns of all parties will be addressed. When the government goes to war, it turns itself into an iron cage because the one who should be securing peace is the one instigating the war. It defeats its purpose and does not serve the people for which it was created. War dehumanizes people into mere statistics. War does not care about intersubjectivity,
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