Banishment of Nuclear Weapons

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Albert Einstein once said, “The unleashed power of the atom has changed everything save our modes of thinking and we thus drift toward unparalleled catastrophe” (Krieger 4). The debate over the moral and life threatening potential of nuclear weapons has been in question since the first bomb was detonated almost eight decades ago. Nuclear weapons seem rightly owned by the world’s superpowers in order to ensure protection, yet it is feared that nuclear weapons are the horrible remnant of the Cold War that may still potentially cause unilateral destruction. It has been proposed by several benevolent world powers, that nuclear weapons should be banned from the arsenal of all countries who own them, and any country that does not contain nuclear…show more content…
By removing nuclear weapons, there would be no fear of accidentally caused nuclear war, for if there are no nukes, then no incident or terrorist organization would be able to spark a conflict among countries. In abolishing nuclear weapons, not all countries will comply, and this will leave the countries that did in a vulnerable position. There are many rogue states that would like to acquire nuclear weapons such as Iran and North Korea which are getting the materials for them from countries like Pakistan (Cooper). Smaller nations fear giving up the safety net of nuclear weapons with the thought of these countries not giving up their power and using the absence of nuclear weapons in other countries as a weakness. If all nuclear weapons are banned, then how will a country defend itself against a rogue state that has decided to keep nukes? The Republican Party concludes that the best way to ensure the security of the country is by strengthening its defense and offensive capabilities (“National High”). According to Griffin, Patrick Glynn, a researcher of the A.E.I claims, “The world is safer if the United States has a substantial nuclear capability. You don't get international gangsters like Saddam Hussein or Kim IL Sung to disarm by moral example.” In the absence of nuclear weapons, a rogue state may end up posing a threat to other countries, because it does not have anything to fear from them that would keep it in check. It is true that

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