Bank Customer Service Call Center

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A customer service officer or personnel often face problems handling difficult or irritated customers. Officers or personnel need to know the correct method of handling these people in the best possible way in order to give customers customer service satisfaction and also to retain customers from going elsewhere for the services they need. An example would be banking services, mobile network services, etc.
In organizational behaviour, we learn the rational choice decision making process which consists of four general steps: 1. Identify the problem or opportunity 2. Choose the best decision process 3. Develop
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Because we are humans, we are complex beings with feelings. It is not easy to deal with a customer’s offensive words and also at the same time keep smiling and keeping up a warm or calm atmosphere for talk or discussion. Therefore, in order to help officers deal with customers better, the management and officers can work together as a team to make things run smoother.
The solutions suggested are as follows: 1. Make the structure of the organization more defined, the job scope of officers more specific so they can concentrate on what they do best. For example, in a banking customer service department, one team works on customer complaints regarding billing issues, one team handle finance charges waiver requests, one team handle annual fee waiver requests, and so on. Currently all officers are trained to do everything, which means they can do everything but not necessarily what they do best. Another way to improve the structure is to put more experienced officers to handle serious complaints like fraud complaints, exchange rate issues, and the simpler complaints to fresh employees like billing issues, annual fees and such.

2. A second solution suggested would be to keep training the customer service officers all the time. In this service industry, refreshing trainings are always good to remind officers of how to communicate to customers, to appreciate customers, and so on. This is
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