Bank Of Americ An American Global Banking Corporation

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Bank of America is an American global banking corporation which just provides banking and financial services to individuals and customers. The bank has covers each area, such as serving individuals, providing financial management products and services. Also it covers a larger area and operates in a lot of banking platforms. A change of retailing banking services is provided by the bank to its customers and individuals, (Jorion, 2009). Some of the lending practices at the Bank of America are going through the account, providing credit card facilities, savings account service. Going through the account allows for the deposits of various funds through phones and other technology and monthly waivers for the students who are able and many others suitable (Elsilä, 2015). Providing credit card facilities allow of the cash back rewards and low interests rewards, traveling and many other options to create rewards. It provides individuals enough convenience. Saving account services is basically delivers easy and instant opening of accounts and managing the accounts through many online banks processes. Still, there are many other services as well which includes home loans, retirement specific account and many more. These services aim to provide the best user experience that the customers will gain from the Bank of America. (, 2016)
Credit risk measurement also named as CRM in banking industry, can be noticed in two different standpoints in the bank. It can be the

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