Bank Of Americ Talent Management Program

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Assignment 1: Bank of America - Talent Management Program The talent management program that facilitates the realization of the objective of improving efficiency in operations at the Bank of America entails the use of an integrative system in preparing individuals for leadership. According to the program, the management prioritizes global consistencies as the first step in the identification of talent for retention at the bank. The subsequent considerations are cultural distinctiveness and individual owners. As part of its strategy, the bank infuses the three elements to facilitate the recruitment of the employees with the ability to fulfill the organization 's objectives. When commencing the process, the organization emphasizes on openness in communication as a way of identifying shortcoming in operations. After which, the management device an integrative method of facilitating the selection of the most qualified candidate for work at the bank. During the process, the human resource personnel use different performance measuring tools among them are financial reports score card. Training and coaching follow the selection process as a way of ensuring conformance with the set standards. As part of ensuring commitment to duties, the Bank of America uses a flexible training program to encourage coordination in decision-making. The approach’s aim is capitalizing on the variation in the cultural makeup of employees from different parts of the globe. Throughout the process,…
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