Bank Of Americ Talent Management Program

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Assignment 1: Bank of America - Talent Management Program The talent management program that facilitates the realization of the objective of improving efficiency in operations at the Bank of America entails the use of an integrative system in preparing individuals for leadership. According to the program, the management prioritizes global consistencies as the first step in the identification of talent for retention at the bank. The subsequent considerations are cultural distinctiveness and individual owners. As part of its strategy, the bank infuses the three elements to facilitate the recruitment of the employees with the ability to fulfill the organization 's objectives. When commencing the process, the organization emphasizes on…show more content…
There is also the utilization of the scientific tools in the simulation of situations. For this reason, the program tests individual’s competencies; thus making it easier for the administration to retain best in the organization for longer periods. Strengths of the program The advantages of the program are that it enables the institution to broaden its scope to target employees from different parts of the globe unlike the situation before in which the management relied on domestic talent in running operations. Aside from facilitating consensus in decision-making, the program enhances flexibility in operations. For instance, after its integration in human resource administration at the Bank of America it became the norm for the organization to customize its goal in line with the needs of the employees. Additionally, it presents management the opportunity to employ a diverse array of tactics in the selection of personnel to serve the organization in various capacities. Courtesy of its existence at the Bank of America, the institution has the chance of searching talent beyond borders, thus creating the opportunity for the most competent individual to serve the organization in various capacities. Another maverick of the program is that it emphasizes on the continuity in the advancement of talent nurturing,
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