Bank Solutions Inc. Security Plan Essay

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Introduction Bank SolutionsInc. is in need of a tailored IT security plan for strategic advantage, regulatory compliance, and risk mitigation. As an organization that relies on IT for innovation and technical advantage, it is essential to invest in necessary security controls. This will ensure the infrastructure supports a layered security posture to detect, deter, eliminate or reduce as many vulnerabilities and exposure as possible. It is the responsibility of executive management to determine the amount of exposure and risk their organization is willing to accept.
The main objectives of this security plan are to describe a security strategy and identify recommended technologies to ensure Bank Solutions has the ability to
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To ensure that these technologies are implemented and administered properly, it is essential that policies be written and training provided for an effective security program. Here are the following recommended technologies that Bank Solution’s should incorporate into its security plan.
Vulnerability Scanning
“Vulnerability Scanning is the art of using one computer to look for weaknesses in the security of another computer” (Houghton, 2003). Just like any other security tool or software available, there are many forms of vulnerability scanning. Each of these methods provides a specific task to help an organization determine the security of their networks. These forms of vulnerability scanning are called:
• External
• Internal
• Active
• Passive
These forms of vulnerability scanning are then applied by two types of vulnerability scanners that scan an organization’s network, they are:
• Network based
• Host based
Finally, the most important thing to understand about vulnerability scanning is that it is a requirement for Bank Solutions to conduct these scans to meet compliance with Federal regulations.
The costs for vulnerability scanners run from free to tens of thousands of dollars. It is up to the CISO and the IT staff to assess what services they require and to choose a scanner that best fits their
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