Bank of America or Mcdonald’s Case Study

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1 Jamelle Reeves Assignment 1: Bank of America or McDonald’s Case Study Valencia Westray-Miller HRM532 Talent Management 2 Bank of America's talent management program led to success for the company Bank of America's executive performance and retention strategy breaks down into the objectives set out in Figure 2.1 (Fisher and Congel, 2009, p. 22), 'attract, retain and develop great leaders.' This process occurs in distinct phases over the first 36 months of executive promotion but begins even before the new hire, if 'attracting great leaders' requires…show more content…
Obtaining realistic goals establishes credibility that translates into leadership, many of which are prepared even before 3 selection, and presented through orientation and coaching around a clear plan that will support quick mastery. The development consultant presents the new executive with the strategic and human resources, and also existing obstacles, clearly outlined in an "integration plan" (Fisher and Congel, 2009, p. 25) that itself integrates subordinates, peers and senior executives into reciprocal orientation, new leader to culture and culture to new leader, horizontally and vertically upward and downward at the same time. The result seems to depend most on the clarity and achievability of immediate short-term objectives, in order to build the confidence and credibility the new executive will then deploy on the strategic plane. The next milestone occurs by the fourth month on the job, at a "Key Stakeholder Check-In Session" (Fisher and Congel, 2009, p. 29). The Bank's feedback-rich management environment is built on the realization that the entire culture as well as the

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