Bank of America's Mobile Banking Applications

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Executive Summary- Bank of America (Bofa) is one of the leading creators of the mobile banking application, lately since the app has been created they have noticed that new features and platforms of the applications are starting to cause issues dealing with technical support and functions that the app possess such as viewing your mortgage or using rewards points. Jen McDonald who is the head of the digital marketing group decided one day that the company needed to go in a new direction so herself and a couple of the executive heads Aka Douglas Brown and David Carrol who are head of mobile strategy and senior vice president decided to bring in Starcom to create an application which would be more accessible for users to view there account information. Bofa Decided to launch the mobile banking app in May 2007, which allowed customers to access there accounts via Smartphone through the mobile banking browser. Brown one of the heads was the lead of development and had stated within three years the there will be around 3 to 4 million users. This would make Bofa one of the first with the newest technology and would open new opportunities in their financial department. One of the major issues that Bofa is going to face according to Brown is complexity of the application he believes adding more features could slow down the app and negatively affect the users experience, this could leave to high profile failures which could effect the company heavily. Building more apps means
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