Banking : An Old Aged Idea

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Banking is an old aged idea. It was around in the ancient Mesopotamia era. Martin A. Armstrong states, Mesopotamia illustrated all the modern practices such as, deposits, interests, loans, and letters of credit.” Armstrong also mentions how the ancient Egyptians showed signs of the banking. To quote Armstrong, “Egyptian sources also show that a vibrant banking industry emerged whereby the state provided warehouses in which farmers deposited their grain. In turn, the farmer would receive a “deposit receipt” reflecting how much wealth was held by the bank in question. Such written receipts eventually became used as a general method of making payment of debts to third parties during the Ptolemy era including trade, taxes and donations to the gods.” These banking ideas can be linked to money and how money has changed the power of people and countries. It can be proven throughout the history of that money, power, and banks are directly related. The banks and money relate to power because the more economic strength a country has the more they can do military wise. It can also be proved over time that money and power create issues that can be counterproductive to society.
In Niall Ferguson’s book, The Ascent of Money, Ferguson connects the conquering of the Incas to the start of the money mountain. When Pizarro and the Spaniards landed in the Inca territory for the second time, they came with a plan. Their plan was to conquer the Incas and strip them dry from their golden temples.
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