Banking Essay

2717 Words11 Pages Bank Deposit Or Common Stock Investment Finance Essay In our modern society, money has become one of the basic factors apart from food, shelter, clothing and medicine that human needs to survive. In practice, it is easy to spend money than making it (Mitchell, 1912). One optimal way to make money is investment but a number of subsequent questions have arisen. What are investment opportunities? Which type of investment options do provide the competitive benefit for investors? And what are the benefits and drawbacks of each option? To answer these questions, there are many alternative options of investment the investors can…show more content…
We provide custom model essays to help students get great grades. Read more > Looking for examples of our actual custom work written by professionals. Click here > We also offer a wide range of other services from dissertations to presentations. View all services > Simple Investment in Bank Deposit One of the easiest ways to start investing is to deposit money in banks. It can be said that banks are ideally places where basic requirements of investors such as security, ability to withdraw whenever they want, and a reasonable return on their money, are fulfilled (Rowlatt & Davenport, 1966). Bank is a financial organization which is classified as one of depository institutions. It raises funds to do its ventures (Agapie et al., 2010). Bank, licensed from the government, provides many financial services such as payment services, lending service, insurance service, and deposit service, which will be focused in this essay. Investing in banks means that investors have to deposit sum of their money in bank account that provides competitive earnings. According to Collins English Dictionary, deposit means putting money in a bank or financial institution for interest or safekeeping purposes (“deposit,” n.d.) with bank’s broad range of deposit services, customers can choose type of account that suits their saving behaviors. This service accounts for one option for investment since
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