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Guidelines for the ECON 411W Term Paper Each student is expected to write a term paper on a topic relevant to the course, but of your choosing. Each of you should chose a topic and submit the idea by October 5th for my approval. In your proposal, you should describe to me what you plan to write about and why. You must (and this is important) provide a brief selection of material/scholarly articles that you plan to rely on for your paper. After your topic has been approved, you are free to begin development of the paper in greater detail. The purpose of this writing assignment is to help you express your thoughts/findings on a subject related to Money and Banking, as well as to gain some greater confidence in the process of scholarly…show more content…
But I would also like to see that you have looked into professional journals, and have attempted to read, digest, and appropriately use this material in your work. However, do not take the work of others wholesale and, when used, make sure you cite appropriately as the thoughts of others. 4) Your conclusion/summary is well reasoned and satisfies the objectives you laid out in the introduction. If it does not, you must be careful to explain why it does not, and what still needs to be learned on this subject to adequately fulfill the promise of the introduction. Failure is perfectly acceptable, as long as it was an honest effort and one that has led to a deeper understanding of the subject. With an eye to the four points above, the paper will be graded roughly as follows: * 40% for content and conceptual clarity * 40% for the integration of classroom content * 20% for grammar and style. It will take me one week to read your papers and to respond with comments. You will get these on November 23rd. You are to consider my comments carefully and address them. Where you don’t agree with my comments, or think I haven’t thought carefully enough about the idea, convince me. Where you agree with my comments, adapt your paper to include them. Remember, you are being evaluated as much on the PROCESS of writing, as you are the final product. So some amount of your final grade on this paper will be determined by your response to my comments (about

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