Banking Scenario in Bangladesh

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Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim

An Empirical Study of Performance of
Islamic Banks in Bangladesh with special reference to Islami Bank Bangladesh Ltd


Shah Abdul Hannan,
Former Secretary, Ministry of Finance, Government of Bangladesh and M. Fariduddin Ahmad
Deputy Executive President
Islami Bank Bangladesh Limited


Banking Scenario in Bangladesh

When Bangladesh came into existence on the 16th December, 1971, the banking sector of Bangladesh was in a total disarray. With the exception of two local banks incorporated in then East Pakistan, all the bigger local banks became inoperational.. Starting with such a humble condition, the Banking Sector of Bangladesh has grown to a
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their share in total deposits of the Banking system is 11.98%. A detail analysis of deposits of all Banks vis-a-vis deposits of Islamic Banks by Type of Accounts is given in the following Table:

Table – I

Deposits distributed by Types of Accounts

Amount in Million Taka
(US $ 1=Taka 67.50)
|Sl. No. |Types of Accounts |All Banks |Islamic Banks |Share of Islamic banks (%) |
| | |Nos. of Accounts |Amount |
| | |Nos. of Accounts |% of total |
| | |Nos. of Accounts |
| |a) Long Term |91,664 |1.11 |
| |Project Finance | | |
| |Amount |% of total |Amount |% of total | |
|Urban |999,742 |89.48 |152,146 |97.27
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