Banks And Grant: The Case Of Multicultural Education

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1. There are two main issues that point out why multicultural education is important. One important issue that Banks and Grant make for the case of multicultural education is that in a population that’s as diverse in other races and ethnicities as America, it is necessary to bring up awareness of other cultures, experiences and perspectives because if the perspectives of racial and ethnic minorities are ignored by teachers when they teach students, students are going to be miseducated and prejudicial towards people of color (Grant 332). Another issue that Banks and Grant make for the case of multicultural education is the fact that multicultural education allows teachers to reach students of diverse racial, ethnic, and socioeconomic statuses. …show more content…

For students that identify as white, holding prejudicial attitudes against people of color oppresses people of color, such as when students of color are teased by white students for having “dirty” dreadlocks as a hairstyle because this reinforces racial attitudes and logics that deem blacks as “inferior” to whites. On the flip side, for colored students, internalizing these narratives about “white superiority” can lead to these students to favor and think more highly of white students than fellow colored students. Furthermore, by refusing to provide educational equity by teaching material using a single method (that’s usually tailored to white students), teachers contribute to systemic and structural oppression of minority students in the educational system because the method the teacher is using resonates more with white students than minorities. So even if minorities are able to successfully learn the material, since the teacher is using the same standard to grade how well minorities understand the material vs. how well white students understand the material, chances are, the results will show that minorities will have lower grades than their white counterparts. As a result, it is less likely that people of color will want to continue learning or take education seriously since the system has already deemed them a failure, according to white standards.
2. The main limitations of multicultural education as conceptualized by Banks and Grant is the increased focus on educational reform and a one-sided understanding of the complex issue of recognition and

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