Bankson Bernthal Test Of Phonology Essay

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The Bankson Bernthal Test of Phonology (BBTOP) was administered to evaluate articulation and speech production skills. Alexis presented errors in phonological processes which include final consonant errors, the inclusion of additional sounds, Stopping, the substitution of sounds. Final consonant errors were made for instance, with the word “elephant” /ɛləfənt/ being pronounced “elephan” /ɛləfən/ and “bridge” / brɪʒ/ pronounced as “brich” /brɪʧ/. The addition of the /ɛ/ sound were noted in some words beginning with “s” /s/ such as “sled” /slɛd/ pronounced as “esled” /ɛslɛd/. Stopping was found in several words where the sound /ð/ was replaced with the sound /d/. For example, the word “them” /ðɛm/ was pronounced as “dem” /dɛm/ and “mother” /mʌðɚ/ pronounced as “mudder” /mʌdɚ/. Alexis also made several substitution error as noted in the word “crab” /krӕb/, pronounced as “crap” /krӕp/ and “clown” /klaʊn/ pronounced as “cloud” /klaʊd/. Reading Sample: To further asses Alexis’ articulation, a reading sample was collected as he read aloud The Rainbow passage, a phonetically balanced reading that contains…show more content…
A language sample was collected as he narrated his story. Alexis was able to formulate a general idea of the overall image stating that “First of all, this is a crazy family, it’s a crazy d- pet.” Alexis utilizes simpler synonyms for words in order to get his point across. One example of this is him stating, “Since the parents of guys were doing shopping, they lost the control of the kitchen.” Alexis also had difficulty forming full and grammatically correct sentences: “They want to make some s- some surprise for their parents, but they c- couldn’t take control of the…in the moment of to make the food especially a cake.” Although Alexis has difficulty using the words he wants, and as a result may negatively affect how grammatically correct his sentences
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