Banksy Essay

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Megan McGehee Teresa Jimenez PWR-1 January 20, 2013 Rhetorical Analysis: Banksy Religious imagery is something that can be found in artwork all through the centuries. An anonymous world-renowned graffiti artist who goes by ‘Banksy’ places traditional paintings in public places altered to send an iconoclastic message about society and government. In this image he depicts a traditional figure of Jesus dying on the cross, but in his hands can be found shopping bags full of presents and candy. Jesus, an iconic figure in religious history, has been turned into a puppet to fit the mold of our consumer driven society. The rhetor presents an iconoclastic view that the integral commemoration of Jesus’ death and the religious aspects…show more content…
Its entire scope wanes away until soon enough, any salvation God intended Jesus’ death to bestow upon the people will be lost while consumerism and monetary concernment will take control. The ways Banksy uses this skewed image of Jesus on the cross suggests that he believes society needs to break away from strongly valuing consumerism the way it does currently. The rhetor utilizes this image to depict what he believes society has become, and how drastically different it is from what God envisioned. In this particular image, Banksy has included Jesus to further depict his anti-consumerism views, believing that Jesus never intended Christians to value tangible objects. The rhetor gains support because he is not attacking society as a whole or blaming anyone in particular. By including Jesus in a sense he is defending religion whom so many regard so highly. By defining his position as defensive of God rather than attacking what society has become people are forced to re-evaluate what they value most. The rhetor’s suggested stance on the issue and the way he presents the controversial religious topic rallies support and acknowledgment of society’s faults rather than denial and outrage. The nature of Banksy’s work is iconoclastic in the way he blatantly designs images to rebel governmental authority or depict the failings of
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