Banksy’s Controversial Art

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Banksy’s Controversial Art
Art is an amazing way for individuals to express themselves, and people always link it to controversy. Art can be for a person’s individual desire, motivation, or hobby, but it can also be a political message or inspiration for an entire world. A lot of famous artist use there own techniques, styles, and structures in order to implement there ideas into a form of art. An underground artist from England by the name of Banksy is famous through his controversial and unique forms of art, usually graffiti art, and has inspired many people around the world. His work called the Monkey Parliament is incredible because it is addressing many political issues and creates a different perspective of the world. Although many
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The more he used unique ideas to express himself the more attention he began to receive even though nobody really knew who he is. Banksy’s art began to appear in different exhibitions and galleries as his popularity began to grow even more. His incredible work has been viewed by many celebrities and his abilities continue to make Banksy a popular street artist. His success with no mainstream access is very rare and brings more credibility to his true talent. He has had shows from all over the world and his popularity has grown around the world.
As we focus on Banksy’s art piece, Monkey Parliament we are able to see the incredible work that he possesses. Concentrating on the idea of formal elements we are able to see the political agenda that Banksy utilizes. He illustrates the idea of monkeys taking over the world and having their own parliament. In this case he compares humans to monkeys because the parliament is in the same format as British Parliaments in the modern time. This element shows politics, and what it has become since everyone has an awkward perspective of politics. The political message demonstrated explains that this piece of art is one that probably only Banksy would choose because it matches his style. As we focus on the element of color we can see that Banksy chose specific colors to resemble the exact
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