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TOP 10 BANNED BOOKS Narrator: A book is loaded by guns and bullets that contain information on diverse topics. But not all published books are permitted to circulate, some are restricted. In this video I will reveal top 10 books that are banned. No 10. And Tango Makes Three This book by Justin Richardson is a children’s book based on true story. It features 2 male penguins in Central Park Zoo in New York. In Singapore, this book was removed from the libraries in all levels and was destroyed. No 9. Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland is a book written by Lewis Carrol. It’s a magical book for kids yet it is banned in China because of the featured talking animals which is a disaster for them to place humans…show more content…
James. In Malaysia, it is considered as a threat to the morality of the people because it is sexually explicit. This is also the reason why it is banned in many libraries around the world. No 6. Da Vinci Code Da Vinci Code is a book written by Dan Brown. This best-seller is banned in Lebanon because of the fact that it is inaccurate and very offensive to Christianity. This book is insensitive to religious beliefs that create confusions. No 5. Doctor Zhivago Doctor Zhivago is a book written by Boris Pasternak whom was awarded by United States the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1958 but forced to reject the award. It is an epic love story set in Russian Revolution that angered officials so it was not published in United Soviet Socialist Republics. No 4. The Country Girls The book “The Country Girls” was published in 1960 and banned in Ireland because of its sexual content. It caused confusions due to the openness of sexual and social matters. This book was written by Edna O’Brien. No 3. The Canterbury Tales This book by Geoffrey Chaucer is a classic book banned in the United States to prevent the circulation of inappropriate materials that features moral issues, prostitutions, religions and other
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