Banned Books On The American School System

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Banned Books in the American School System Literary works are the foundation for education and are crucial for multiple reasons, some of which include that literature obtains a large variety of information that is at times not accessible to students by computers and teachers alone. Another advantage is adults and children alike improve their understanding and knowledge of certain topics whilst improving their intelligence of the language itself. Banning literary pieces of work is unjustifiable and proves to students that if something is not agreeable within a book, shielding its contents is the next honorary thing to do in order to prevent disruption. High schools should not ban books due to their excessive profanity, violence, sexual content and unagreeable topics because this restriction prevents young readers from developing a better understanding of the society they live in, and could counter act a new change and lessons to be learned. The Island Trees School District vs Pico was a court case that traveled all the way to the supreme court due to the violation of the students first amendment rights. In 1975, the Parents of New York United, an organization known for their conservative ideals, hosted a conference in which they discussed a list of thirty-three, “objectionable books”, that should be prohibited due to its inappropriate content. The inappropriate material that was protested included sexual references and political comments that went against Parents of New
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