Banning Cell Phones Should Be Banned In School

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Research Essay The teacher looks at the kids staring at their cellphones and looking at their twitters and snapchats to keep their streaks alive. This happens every day within classrooms across America this causes the kids to not learn as much this causes kids to not learn as much which can cause kids to get worse overall grades and worst test grades just because they are on their cellphones in class. Some basic background information that the reader should know is that having cellphones in class is bad both for the teachers and the students. This issue is important because it can affect their overall grades and can also affect their test grades. Why do people should care about an issue It will make us dumber because everyone is on their cellphones. Banning cellphones has more benefits than for not for banning them in schools like better grades for students if cellphones are banned in schools. Banning cell phones in schools has many benefits for students paying more attention in class and better test grades if cellphones are banned in schools. “By comparing students exam records and mobile phones from 2001 to 2013, researchers notice a significant growth in students achievements in classrooms that banned cell phones, with students test scores improving by 6.41 percentage points of a standard deviation” ( This shows that banning cellphones in schools can improve students test grades by a good amount. And that will help the students in the future because
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