Banning Children's Beauty Pageants

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For years, we were told from when we were little to when we grow up as an adult, to “never judge a book by its cover.” But apparently dressing children’s up in immoderate dresses and overly excessive makeup, while throwing them on a stage to perform or “show their talents” like monkeys for the world to judge, are still considered as the same value? Even now, there is a show called Toddler’s and Tiara, showing the backstage and the daily lives of children who thrown into the world of pageants, all for inane title that has no benefactors and no use for life. Pageants like this give children’s who are easily impressionable the idea that “looks does matter.” But in society, the matter of “looks” is condemned, as a fact, to not determine one’s character. I am in favor of banning minor beauty pageant because it was proven that child beauty pageants contribute to rock-bottom self-esteem in those children who are unfortunate enough to be paraded around like horses. To the little pageants, winning is everything. So to lose a pageant, for them, means losing self-confidence on them, and to lose confidence means to think negatively and think that they are inadequate and useless. I am in favor of banning minor beauty pageant because the price to accessories, makeup and expensive dresses are not worth it. In the show Toddler’s and Tiara, the mothers who are in there go to very expensive length to get their daughter’s dresses for the competition. They even spray a horrendous amount of
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