Banning Homework Research Paper

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Sadie Muncey
Mrs. Maichael Macey
19 December, 2016
Banning Weekend Homework
Imagine going back after a nice winter break. All calm and relaxed, you sit in your first period class. The teacher starts talking about the subjects that were taught before break. None of them are coming back and you have to relearn all of them. No homework was done over the break and it is negatively affecting the learning process. Homework has many nonacademic benefits. It is crucial in college and no school could ever get through the whole curriculum that is planned for the year. Homework should not be banned on the weekends and breaks. Homework is helping kids learn valuable life lessons. According to research, "Until the mid-1970s, homework was viewed as an example of the excessive pressure on students to achieve” (Cooper et al. 1998). This is saying that homework helps teach kids that a little bit of stress is helpful and it helps them achieve
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Well, many researchers teach that to finish your homework efficiently you have to “have an outline or a system” (Kelly). Plan out what homework you need to finish. Have a quiet place to study with no distractions. It has been researched that the best place to study is a table near a computer just incase research is needed. It is mentioned that it is helpful to do your homework at the same time everyday and have a routine that gets followed. (Kelly). If this is followed, attention issues will no longer be a problem or an excuse to why homework is not getting done. Now imagine walking into school on the first day back refreshed and knowing everything that was taught after break because of the homework assigned over the break. Homework over the weekend has benefits that don’t relate to school. Homework is useful in college. Schools couldn’t get through their whole curriculum if it isn’t assigned. Homework should not be banned over the
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