Banning Muslims

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Jihad is a term associated with terrorists who believe in war against nonbelievers. However, the misinterpretation of this concept has created a prejudice toward the Muslim people. A majority of the American population, like Donald Trump, are fearful of this approach against believers of other faiths. In result, he proposes the U.S should ban all Muslims from entering the country. Over two million Muslim families live in the United States currently. Many have been here for years, and came to seek a better life. Unfortunately, Muslims are getting a bad reputation because of ongoing terrorism. Furthermore, the U. S. should not take these steps towards disallowing Muslims to enter the states. Not only would it create a hostile relationship with other Islamic countries, but it would be considered discrimination against the faith and go against basic human principles.
If we isolate the Muslim population, the U. S will most likely cease intercontinental relations with foreign Islamic nations. The
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When muslims enter the country they deserve the same right that is given to other immigrants ; freedom of religion. Banning muslims from entering the country because of their religious beliefs is as preposterous as not allowing a new person into a church. The United States is a boiling pot of ethnicities, nationalities and religions. The U.S should not ban muslims from migrating into the country, because it will create tension among Islamic countries, separate families and be a threat against religious freedom. People often fear things they do not understand, it seems that many Americans are associating muslims with the ideals of terrorist groups simply because they are unfamiliar to their religion. If the government does not look past their fear of allowing muslims into the country, it will be alone in their struggle against real
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