Banning Soda Essay

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The New York Soda Ban establishes that by decreasing soda size and consumption, obesity rates will decrease. However, they do not increase laws or policies that will make a great enough impact on society's health. It is a known fact that healthy foods are more expensive than junk food. It is also a known fact that gyms, which help people lose weight and become healthy, those who use these facilities must pay or purchase a membership of some sort. If we really wanted to make a difference, we would offer lower prices on healthier foods, in order to make them easily obtainable, or we could offer free facility that could offer individuals a healthier lifestyle. In today’s economy, people cannot afford to pay extra to eat healthy or buy memberships, because it is not within…show more content…
Consumers pay for ingredients and the nutrients inside them. Therefore, an apple, which helps you stay full longer, and contains vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and fibers, would costs more, because it contains more. Even though this pricing is logical, only banning soda is not going to make a difference, because people will just replace the sugary content with something more unhealthy. Honestly, if obesity is such an important issue, and is risking the lives of many, causing people to be unhealthy, the government should be finding new ways to lessen the price of healthy foods and products in order to increase a healthy lifestyle. Instead of supporting the idea of lessening the amount of soda able to be consumed, more pressing matters should be focused upon. Such as, lowering the cost of healthy foods and services. People will be more willing change to a healthier lifestyle, if this lifestyle is an obtainable goal. Unemployment is high, and people barely make enough to provide a roof over their heads. It makes sense that individuals would purchase products that are less in price, which happens to be products that are unhealthy for
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