Banning Speech Codes On Campuses

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After recent violence activists arose in college campuses the culprit being unregulated speech. Many campuses are forming regulations on speech codes on campuses, others choose to remain unregulated. The decision is not put at ease with the first and fourteen amendment conflicting between the citizens’ rights to freedom of expression, and the right for equal educational opportunities. Is there a middle ground that allows individuals continue their education in the sanction of a college campuses while not infringing on others’ right to speech? The possibility is there were we can decide what protected and unprotected speech is without turning the first amendment into a tool of domination.
The fourteen amendment Students addresses the rights of every citizens, equality, including the right for equal education opportunity. All students should be free to walk around campuses at will without the fear of being verbally assaulted or harassed. Does this mean we should treat college campuses like the workplace and regulating speech as such? In the workplace, employers and employees are prohibited in sharing their political views and reasonably so when one considers the implications in knowing employees’ political preference. In the case of David Siegel, founder of Orlando Westgate Resorts during an interview he stated, “I’m not bragging, I’m just stating the fact: I personally got George W. Bush elected... I had my managers do a survey on every employee. If they liked Bush, we made…
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