Banning "The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn written by Mark Twain" in Schools

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The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn written by Mark Twain might seem like a good book to have high school students read since it’s about a boy named Huckleberry Finn and his adventures through his life by dealing with the struggles that he has or when he finds a runaway slave, named Jim, who is on an island trying to stay hidden so he will not be sold as a slave. Throughout the novel the reader will see that Huck has an adventurous personality, comes to find out who is father is and tries to help Jim, the runaway slave, to live and hopefully see his family again. Also, there are people out there that might think Huck Finn may not be a good book to read and think that it should be banned from schools and libraries. The reason why people…show more content…
Also, it was a liberal word that was used to describe African-Americans and Mark Twain was just using this word as to portray how the Southerners talked and wanted to maintain the reality of the book. Readers who read Huck Finn may find it hard to read due to the fact that Mark Twain uses the language of his time period as the language in the book and that involved using profanity and not showing lots of respect towards either the white Southerners or the black Southerners, that is why most people reading this will not be able to handle either the profanity or the reality of how people we treated in the South during the early 1800’s. A second thing that most people who read or have read this would probably think that this is a controversial book, but in fact it’s actually a classic, with real life events or situations. What some people do not realize is that Huck Finn uses profanity as so does the real world, but so does music and movies and if their trying to get books banned because it uses profanity then they should try to get music and movies banned too. Huck Finn is just a young boy living to survive and helping Jim along the way. He’s just living a most people back in the day and that is real life, there’s nothing controversial about that. Also, some people think while reading this book that Jim was a bad person and was influencing Huck while they were together when in reality Jim was a positive role
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