Banning The Pledge Of Allegiance Essay

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With this year being the year that a new president takes over, there has been a lot of news surfacing that may or may not be true. When looking at an article we must look at different criteria of things like the facts used, names mentioned, publication dates, and altogether the article and what it is saying.
The article I reviewed was “Obama Signs Executive Order Banning The Pledge Of Allegiance In Schools Nationwide” by Jimmy Rustling from ABC.CO published on 11 Dec. 2016. This article talked about how Mr. Obama thought the Pledge of Allegiance had to be put to an end. Rustling wrote that the Pledge of Allegiance needed to change wording since it says “under God”. He then goes on to explain how that is demeaning to muslims, Jews, and other
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They should have probably used different people though, because using people like Sarah Bradley who provides homeless with socks and Fappy the anti-masterbation dolphin give no support to what they are claiming. This article did have a real author and a real publication date, but that is the only thing that maybe would lead this article to be true. There are no links to other pages where they would have gotten facts from. The only links they have are to words in the article to their definition. The only thing in this article that is based off of fact is that the Pledge of Allegiance is a troubled spot and that we need to think about the harm and the well good of its existence, and how it may hurt those of a different religion or those who don’t believe in such.
I think that the only reason that this article would be published is for two main reasons and nothing else. They published this article because they want people to think of why having our kids saying the pledge of allegiance in school could be a tough subject to talk about and what the benefits or disadvantages are. The other reason, which is the worst reason, is to earn a profit. They don’t care about real news, they only write about what they think we want to read so they earn more of a
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