Essay about Banning the Death Penalty

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“Any last words?” is the sentence that is given to the people who are about to be put to death.
Many prisoners in the past have been known to be killed before they were proven innocent. Many documented cases where DNA testing showed that innocent people were put to death by the government. This sometimes happens because there are defendants who are given minimal legal attention by often minor qualified individuals. The government has made many mistakes which are being wrong about convicting someone for something they didn’t do, and killing this person for the wrong reason. Putting the wrong person to death is the biggest mistake that can be made and the government cannot afford to make this mistake.
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The government should be called murderers also since they are killing someone because they did. What makes it right? “You killed someone so I’m going to kill you.” That doesn’t make sense at all. What happen to the 10 commandments? Thou shall not kill? By killing this person doesn’t make them learn from their mistakes. They weren’t given the chance to learn from their mistake or suffer the consequences. No one deserves to die either people were born with the right to live just because something that they did was wrong they shouldn’t be killed. I believe that life in prison is way much worst rather than killing them instantly. By knowing that you are going to be in prison for life is going to drive those people nuts. By killing them you are making it easier for them, make them suffer the consequences. Mentally ill patients are placed to death, most of the time they don’t know what they’re doing. Many people are just born with defects to their brain with the intention that causes them to act a certain way. No amount of drugs, schooling, treatment, or positive reinforcement will change them. It isn’t fair that someone should be murdered only because they were unlucky enough to be born with a brain defect. Although it is precisely unconstitutional to put a mentally ill patient to death, the rules can be indistinct and you still need to be able to convince a judge and jury that the defendant is mentally ill. There isn’t a way for the government to

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