Banning the Production of Tobacco Products Benefits Society Essay

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Carbamide is a natural composite that can be found in our urine, commonly known as Urea, is used in the production of cigarettes to boost up the flavor (Wikipedia, n.d.). Tobacco production and usage have changed noticeably over the past decades. Producing tobaccos nowadays have improved compared to how it is done in the past. With the help of technology, seeding and soiling tobaccos is easy, there’s no need to wait to waste time and energy plus still get profits in return. Also, there are different ways to harvest tobacco. Which is making other countries participate in having a piece of the tobaccos’ production profits that can lead to a serious impact. So, if everyone is willing to take this amount of time and effort to try and develop…show more content…
Instead of spending time to start, improve or develop businesses that are in such field, they could spend it on something else that could be more useful to them and their economy. The government can even be involved in this by offering better jobs in industries that are actually benefiting society in several ways. While offering less salaries to those who work in fields that could harm society in the short or the long run. The United State’s government spent so far around 6,995,995,333 $ on public healthcare until now, while this essay is being written (WorldoMeters, 2013). Even though businesses such as producing and selling tobacco products may be helping our economy to be enhanced; creating a clear declare for regression, positive sales sign, and/or an increase in demand for these products. We cannot just simply neglect the bad side of these businesses are leaving behind. Second of all, trying to prevent the related issues that tobacco can create when it is consumed which will be the second step society can take in order to benefit from it. Tobacco can affect citizens in their health wise. There is an impact on both, our brain and body. Due to the drug that can be found in tobacco, Nicotine, many people are now addicted to tobacco. (How Tobacco Affect Our Health, n.d.). 4 out of 10 teens and/or young adults, who smoke during their early age, will end up being regular smokers as growing up older. (Karen Larson, M.D., Stanley J. Swierzewski, III,

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