Banshee: A Narrative Fiction

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Possessing a fast-tracked mind was both a blessing and a curse for Naomi. Thinking cautiously about the hazardous flames waiting to lick the skins of those were still in the area, made it her top priority to leave while they still can. She had listened to Angeline’s say about the others regards and what position they were in, but their well-being was second in her mind to be concerned with right now. The farther they went, the less she smelled the hissing fumes of fire that was drawing near the laundry room. By this time, she walked far enough to catch a short break. “Whew!” She bent down and had her hands on her knees to sigh. “Well that was a close one.” She stood back up and stretched her arms far and back to herself because it was still…show more content…
“Truth be told, I was at first just trying to get out of there once those robots turned against us.” She looked over the sighed and began to frown. “I wasn’t even going to see if anyone needed my assist there because I have deemed myself unworthy of aid. I just know this to be true because I can already tell I am the weakest student here.” She chewed her inner cheek, already starting to regret telling her the insecurity she has. “Sorry for giving out random confessions. I know you might not even think that was even necessary to talk about at all.” She had chuckled in between what she said and turned back to the red-head. “I wanted to be even with you since you exposed yourself.” As much as she would love to chit-chat with this person, there was one last thing that lingered in Naomi’s mind to what Angeline had said before Naomi chose the escape route than talking. “You said just a few moments ago that...there was someone dying?” She had only assumed the pool of ‘blood’ was from that automaton (Jester) did something happened during or before things went nuts? Sure, she didn’t know if she could be helpful for this person’s safety, but Naomi could guarantee that she would call for assistance if she and this banshee discovered
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