Bansky's Street Art

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Although illegal in nature, street art has become increasingly popular within the past decade, with the spotlight focused on anonymous graffiti artist, Banksy. His unique stenciling style creates powerful subversive images incorporated into the urban landscape. His art provokes thought about the content, context and authenticity in regards to both his work and the art world entirely.
Street art functions as art for the public, meaning it can be enjoyed by the masses as opposed to just those who make an effort to go to a gallery. This direct interaction with the public is effective particularly because people’s habits have become modified throughout the age of mechanical reproduction, as explained by Walter Benjamin. “Every day the urge grows stronger to get hold of an object at very close range by way of its likeness, its reproduction” (Benjamin). The instant a new Banksy piece is discovered, the Internet is bombarded with pictures, opinions and the location of the new art. Through pictures the viewer is still able to evaluate the content, but the context and the aura of the original are destroyed. A picture of street art is exactly that, a picture, but street art is an experience that can only have full impact when seen in person. Unfortunately the existence of new street art can be brief and is often defaced by other vandals. In this case, a…

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