Banyan Tree – Developing a Powerful Service Brand

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Banyan Tree – Developing a Powerful Service Brand Synopsis Banyan Tree Hotels and Resorts had become a leading player in the luxury resorts and spa market in Asia. As part of its growth strategy, Banyan Tree had launched new brands and brand extensions that included resorts, spas, retail outlets, and even museum shops. Now, the company had to contemplate how to manage its brand portfolio and expand its business while preserving the distinctive identity and strong brand image of Banyan Tree, its flagship brand. Teaching Suggestions • This case illustrates how a powerful service brand can be built even with little advertising. It also exemplifies how pro-environmental business practices can co-exist with a firm’s profit objectives. •…show more content…
2 • Moreover, as a result of today’s generally more hectic and stressful lifestyles, many well-to-do couples would appreciate Banyan Tree’s value proposition of a memorable, romantic holiday experience that would both provide relaxation and create quality time for them to spend quiet moments together. Positioning and branding strategy • Although Banyan Tree’s service offering was unique when it was first launched, this would not be a sustainable competitive advantage, as most tangible products could be easily copied by competitors. Establishing a strong service brand, however, would serve to distinguish Banyan Tree from competitors when they do jump on the bandwagon. • Positioning as a sanctuary for romance and intimacy was well thought out, these being timeless attributes valued by many couples. • A clear brand promise of romance and intimacy, which the company consistently delivered, also helped it achieve a clear and distinctive market position. That the company consistently delivered on its promise further reinforced what Banyan Tree stood for in the minds of its customers, thereby building both brand loyalty and emotional bonds. Product/service design and delivery • The luxurious villas and distinctive native settings provided an excellent backdrop for guests to create memorable holiday experiences.

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