Banyan Tree Holdings Ltd. Analysis

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1. Background
The result of quality effort and focused aim of the founder Mr. Ho Kwon Ping along with time and risk invested in huge amount, Banyan Tree (as of today) is a group of luxury resorts and spas spread in allover Asia and few other famous cities of the world. Based in Singapore, Banyan Tree started its journey with the focus on converting the name into a luxury brand in the mind of its target customers in the year 1994 and till today more than 900 awards and accolades (, 2014) speaks about its success story in colorful lines. As of today, Banyan Tree Holdings Ltd.; under its supervision, management and ownership have a total of 25 hotels and resorts, a total of 68 spas, 2 golf courses and more than 66 retail outlets selling its products in 23countries worldwide.
The focus is customer preferring luxury-at-any-cost and accordingly the structure and pricing policy is formulated since its entry into the market. Banyan Tree Holdings Ltd.; also have corporate-owned training and development purposed academies for the employees to ensure the desired qualitative training is being provided to the employees. Less advertisement-focused, Banyan Tree does its marketing through agents to ensure the name of the brand is well introduced to its customers.
1.1 Current Situation
Growth and Sustainability simultaneously without having an impact of them on the brand was the focus of Mr. K.W. Ho (Enz & Farhoomand, 2008). With the aim kept in focus banyan tree grew to

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