Baptism Of The Sick : A Special Gift Of Grace

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For many years, “Anointing of the Sick” has remained one of the seven sacraments, which are sacramental symbols that are used by Christ to show his life and grace. Till this day, society continues to turn to this sacrament for the special sanctifying grace of healing and to find peace with God. Anointing of the sick is a special gift of grace that is delivered to those who are ill, injured, at old age, or near death. It dates back many centuries to the time of Christ. In fact, “Anointing of the Sick” was instituted by Christ our Lord himself when he went around the community healing those who were ill. This sacrament provides a special grace for ill persons so that it may bring about strength and comfort to the body and soul;…show more content…
Christ wanted to heal the whole persons’ body and soul. “During His public ministry, Jesus healed people — the blind, the lame, the lepers, the deaf and mute, the hemorrhaging and the dying. His healing touched both body and soul.” (Saunders, n.d.) Christ bestowed these special gifts on to his disciples. He entrusted this special healing power to them and told his disciples to go into the communities and heal those who were sick, injured, or terminally ill. With the anointing oil, which was blessed, many were healed. Those who were terminally ill would receive more of a spiritual healing that helped them feel calm and released of fear. God’s presence was felt during the anointing which made them feel that they were one with God. However, there were some people that didn’t believe in these healing powers because they knew only God could heal and forgive sins. Regardless, Christ continued to do his work. Faith grew in all who witnessed these healing miracles and those who continued to share and listen to these stories. The purpose of the sacrament is to anoint the sick by receiving a special grace that is given to an ill person in order to provide strength and comfort to the soul. A person is able to let go of all their fears that are associated with death and be at peace by knowing they will soon enter the kingdom of God. When this sacrament is performed, it brings the presence of God with it. There are a few reasons why these sacraments
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