Baptist Church Experience Paper

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In my experience at first progressive Baptist Church I was very much out of my comfort zone because not only did I not feel as welcomed but it was a little awkward because of all the looks I was receiving. I felt I was not dressed as they were and felt as if I didn't fit in and right away I just didn't feel appropriate with my attire. While I was there I actually had people wanting to shake hands and asking me questions about me coming and there was one man who just stared at me and so it was uncomfortable and didn't know how to react. While I was there I started to notice that there is a little difference from the church I go to and the music was way different as well, everyone will talk back with amen or thank you Jesus. The difference…show more content…
I think the service was a very good eye opener because I'm the type of person to try new things and like to experience other cultures and as well as religion. I think it's a big deal knowing that I went to this service with shyness but also facing my fears because at the end of the day I know I tried something new even when I hesitated to go in the church by myself. Not only did I feel like I was getting looks I thought I was actually gonna get told to leave just because he color of my skin and I don't know why I thought that but it was just a feeling I had since I had never been to a African American church before especially a baptist church. During the service I was actually feeling the energy that was going on in the room and it made me just want to shout like everybody else but I felt like it was my primary church in a strange way but I really enjoyed every minute of it regardless of what I thought at first when I walked in. After the service was done we had a prayer and he went to people who wanted to be prayed for and it was very at
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